I mean….

So baaaaaasically the Man U game was a blast. I wanted Inter to win, but oh well. I took a lot of pictures and I saw my manz Luke Shaw with the pace. The only part I did not like was getting lost for a hour and a half after the game and having a ex-convict taxi driver that sounded high as hell driving me home. How the hell is 3 people worth 15$ to drive a single mile anyways.. My feet hurt.

30 July, 2014

It’s my birthday today ayeeeeeee. C:

Going to the Man U VS Inter Milan soon guys. Stay tuned for a new video and other stuff guys. :)

25 July, 2014

I know this isn’t soccer related guys, but I found Nemo.

Mario Goetze of Germany kisses the World Cup trophy

well deserved

Today’s the day!